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The purpose of the College Connect program is to connect with young adults to educate and make them aware of Testicular Cancer and encourage mens-health_0self-awareness and a positive attitude in young men at the age they are most susceptible to the disease. This program supports the mission and vision of the PTN Foundation because it seeks to educate the people who are affected the most by testicular cancer; young men. The program will include the following:

  • Providing informative materials to college health centers, student unions, college clubs & groups, etc. to provide factual information about Testicular Cancer
  • Develop a mirror sticker that reminds young men to regularly examine themselves and become more aware of their bodies and health. Stickers will be provided for colleges to be placed in dorm rooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Develop an internship program within the Corporation for college students
  • Collaborate with business, health, and communications departments to develop community outreach projects for students
  • Hold educational seminars on Men’s Health, Testicular Cancer, and self-awareness

The purpose of The Protect the Nuts Campaign is to reach out to the community and provide opportunities for the public to learn about Testicular Cancer, engage in conversation on a topic often not discussed. The Protect the Nuts campaign has successfully initiated a dialogue amongst  the Sittingpublic and has allowed people to actively participate in activities, events, and programs of the foundation. Revenues from The Protect the Nuts campaign have allowed the PTN Foundation to continue it’s participation in local events and allow the foundation to expand its reach.

  • Provide merchandise that is humorous and positive to make the topic easier to discuss
    • Includes t-shirts, wristbands, koozies, bags, etc.
  • Participate in local festivals, health fairs, and events in order to have face-to-face opportunities with the public as well as opportunities to educate the public through informational materials
  • Develop educational materials that are easily accessible to the public
  • Collaborate with local businesses, restaurants, bars, and organizations to create fundraisers and events to engage the public

The purpose of the SURVIVORS program is to unite survivors of Testicular Cancer with current victims/patients fighting the disease to provide mentoring and guidance through treatment and after. This program will allow survivors to educate the public about their own experiences and provide first-hand accounts of how important self-examination and awareness are. This program supports the mission of the PTN Foundation by providing more information to the public and supporting actually victims of testicular cancer, promoting a positive attitude and support.

  • Network with local survivors of testicular cancer and other diseases that affect young men
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for survivors to assist and guide current victims through their experience in dealing with the disease
  • Collaborate with colleges, health centers, and local schools to provide public speaking opportunities for survivors to share their stories and experiences
  • Offer support group meetings

The Corporation believes that every action can increase awareness of testicular cancer immensely, and that many people wish to be activists, to do the greater good. We’ve developed the GoNuts Action program to invite people to donate their time and create their own fundraisers, events, fairs, and festivals to support the mission of tGoNutsPiche PTN Foundation.


We encourage all types of ideas for the events, and all groups are welcome to organize their own activities. We will provide participants with organization and promotional support as well as educational materials for their event. All events are powerful ways to raise awareness of testicular cancer.


100% of the proceeds from the GoNuts Action program fundraisers benefit the Corporation. Participants are encouraged to share their stories, experiences, and thoughts on the PTN website, facebook page, and other social media.