About the PTN Foundation, Inc.

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The PTN Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to raise awareness of and support for those affected by Testicular Cancer.


Our vision is to achieve a 100% Testicular Cancer survival rate.


  • To provide information and education for the public using humor and positive material
  • To encourage self awareness in men
  • To get young people to start engaging in conversation about a topic that more often than not seems taboo for males to discuss


  • Research and report on the statistics and new developments of Testicular Cancer, and provide ways to support Men’s Health programs monthly.
  • Create fundraising opportunities throughout 2014 to provide information and occasions for raising awareness and providing educational opportunities.
  • Provide educational material to local schools, colleges, and organizations to increase awareness of Testicular Cancer by the end of the first fiscal year.
  • Develop a marketable brand and merchandise line that will raise awareness of Testicular Cancer
  • Secure at least five (5) Founding Sponsorships

INTEGRITYClimbingLadderdealing honestly with our clients, staff, vendors and community and maintaining the highest ethical and   moral standards around the world.

COMMUNITY…to strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live.

HUMORto help people approach a serious topic easier and with a positive approach.

TEAMWORK…to work together with the community to provide the best programs, services, and products to serve the needs of the public

RESPECT…to treat our team members, customers, partners, suppliers, and the community with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity and respecting all individuals and their contributions.

EXCELLENCE…to be the best in quality and in everything we do.

EMPOWERMENT…to empower the community, especially young men, with knowledge, education, and awareness of testicular cancer.

POSITIVE CHANGE…to foster positive social and individual change, encouraging our team members, customers, partners, suppliers, and the community to approach all adversity with optimism

ACCOUNTABILITY…accepting our individual and team responsibilities, taking responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

The PTN Foundation, Inc., Baltimore, MD 21206

JC Cole – Founder, President
Matthew Garey – Co-Founder, Vice President
Pamela Xenakis – Co-Founder, Vice President
Lori Williams – Treasurer
BJ Miller – Fundraising & Development